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Lake Mead Chiropractic in Las Vegas Offers Relief From Back and Disc Pain

Timely Remedies for Back and Disc Pain Issues


Las Vegas, NV – November 20, 2017 – Lake Mead Chiropractic offers timely relief from back and disc
pain. Led by Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen, the clinic is committed to excellence in all pain management
therapies and services. This includes therapeutic massages for back sprains and wrenches. Similarly,
they offer natural remedies and treatments for herniated or bulging disc issues.

Back pain can severely restrict mobility and balance. This can prevent normal functionality for everyday
chores, errands and work. With this in mind, patients receive personalized care for all their back-related
issues at Lake Mead Chiropractic. The clinic also offers detailed scanning and imaging to pinpoint and
address all underlying issues.

Herniated discs can also affect mobility at all levels. The same also goes for bulging discs, which can lead
to spinal alignment issues. Dr. Mortensen has years of extensive industry experience in treating back
and spinal cord issues. He and his team also believe in achieving complete wellness for patients dealing
with obesity and related issues.

From headaches and sciatica to neck problems, pain can radiate up and down the body. It can also
increase at the blink of any eye – causing damages to vital muscles, tendons and ligaments. Whether
due to car accidents, sports injuries or slips and falls, pain can truly become an obstacle if not taken care
of in a timely and professional manner.

If you are experiencing back pain, now is the right time to schedule an appointment. Dr. Mortensen
examines each patient carefully to determine the right care plan. He also discusses the main options for
treating pain, including massages and adjustments. With an all-natural approach to pain management
solutions, Lake Mead remains your premier chiropractor clinic in Las Vegas. For more information,
simply contact or visit the clinic today.

Contact Information:
Lake Mead Chiropractic
8576 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89128

The Ins and Outs Of Acute, Chronic and Maintenance Care with a Chiropractor in Summerlin-Las Vegas

Pain is no fun for anyone. Still, when you suffer from it, whether it be acute or chronic, it’s best to consult with and engage the services of a licensed chiropractor. If you are like most people, you may have gone the traditional route of traditional doctors and/or pain pills in an effort to find relief and are still suffering.

The truth is that most acute and chronic pain are problem that most doctors don’t deal with effectively.  In most cases, doctors “treat” chronic pain and its symptoms by using various forms of “pain management.”  Unfortunately, pain management is only another word for prescribing pills or risky surgery. This is not the way chiropractors deal with pain.

When you decide on a chiropractor and opt for acute pain care, the goal is to relieve immediate pain and restore proper function. Appointments are more frequent and can include any of the following: spinal adjustments, massage therapy, extremity adjustments and even spinal decompression or ultrasound therapy.

Chronic pain tends to be longer lasting, though it is very close in relation to acute pain. Cold laser therapy, Kinesio taping and even cupping and acupuncture can be used to lessen pain and lead to recovery.

Once the issue has been tackled and the pain has been managed and the process of recovery has progressed, maintenance is required. Maintenance or Wellness care is to keep the body in good health. Appointments are commonly once a month or once every few months and are focused on improving upon the progress you and your chiropractor have made in regard to whatever pain issue you’ve been dealing with. The ultimate goal is get rid of the pain entirely and prevent it from returning.

Chiropractic care is all about adjustment and using those adjustment techniques to correct pain problems you deal with.  Due to age, illnesses, and injuries, and the stresses and strains of everyday life, your body falls out of adjustment, resulting in pain and illness. It is only through the use of chiropractic tools and techniques that perfect alignment is once again achieved and wholeness and pain-free life is achieved.

A big secret to all of this, of course, is to find a chiropractor who is not only qualified but experienced at working with patients who require acute, chronic and maintenance care.  Rest assured that once you find a chiropractor with these qualifications, you are on the track to a new pain tree life.

Natural Remedies For Sciatica Pain from a Chiropractor in Las Vegas

The sciatic nerve spans from the lower spine to the feet, generating mobility, feeling and strength. Inflammation and pain in the sciatica nerve can occur when it is pinched, causing pain down the back and legs. That pain ranges from mild soreness to sporadic, sharp burning sensations. However, there are several natural ways to reduce inflammation and ease sciatic nerve pain.

Ice Packs

For instant relief of Sciatica pain, apply an ice pack or bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel to the affected area for 20 minutes. Repeat every two hours until pain subsides.

Apply Heat

To relieve inflammation deep down in the sciatic nerve, follow ice-pack treatment with a hot pack. You can also take a hot bath. Changing up the temperature improves blood circulation, which helps the healing process.

Yoga Stretches

It’s important to be active in order to shorten bouts with sciatic pain. Alternating gentle yoga stretches with walking stretches your back and leg muscles and ultimately reduces the pain.

Tennis Ball Therapy

Tennis ball therapy combines the concepts of massage, acupressure and reflexology to soothe sore muscles. It addresses the piriformis which can thrust the sciatic nerve against the tendons beneath it, which results in pain in the legs and buttocks. The tennis ball presses and treats trigger points in the piriformis muscle, reduces the muscle tension and rigidity, improves mobility and improves blood circulation to the area.

Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts relax the nervous system and draw toxins from the body. Fill the bathtub with hot water and add two cups of Epsom salt. Then soak for 15 to 20 minutes. The warm bath provides the extra benefit of increasing circulation and reducing inflammation from Sciatica.


Deep tissue massage therapy with essential oils is very effective in reducing muscle spasms, pain and numbness in the legs and toes.


Acupuncture is a natural treatment that involves inserting hair-fine needles at designated points of the body to improve nerve function and trigger the flow of energy. On average, several sessions are needed to achieve results.

Natural Relief From Chronic Stress and Tension from a Chiropractor in Summerlin-Las Vegas

Stress and tension. We all have those in this modern age. And stress can stem from many sources, such as work, relationships and finances. It is essential that you address the issue of chronic stress and tension, because if it gets out of hand, it can seriously affect your health and happiness in a very negative way. The good news is that a chiropractor can be your partner in pursuing natural relief from stress and tension.

Why Natural?

Many people seek out unnatural ways to handle stress, such as prescription medications. The problem is that those approaches produce harmful and unpleasant side effects. They also tend to be very expensive. And they don’t truly address the root of the problem. They only mask symptoms and do not prevent any of the long-term damage that results from stress.

Natural approaches are much safer and don’t produce side effects. Plus, they get to the root of the issue and reverse it. Chiropractic care is an ideal natural treatment for chronic stress and tension.

How Chiropractic Works for Stress

Chiropractic care addresses imbalances throughout the body, including those in the spine and throughout the nervous system. So chiropractic adjustments can automatically balance out the stress and tension in your body. In addition, if you have developed specific problems as a result of stress, such as neck pain, headaches, muscle tightness and digestive symptoms, chiropractic care can address that too. A chiropractor develops an individualized plan to address your specific needs and health challenges.

Don’t let stress get out of hand. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can lead to serious health problems during the short and long term. Instead, seek out natural relief from chronic stress and tension from a chiropractor. You will likely feel much better and see your quality of life improve. And that is definitely something to smile about.

Where And How Sciatica Starts with a Chiropractor in Las Vegas

Sciatica describes back pain caused by damage to the sciatic nerve. This large nerve runs from your lower back down the back of each leg. Keep reading to learn more about where and how sciatic pain begins, and how chiropractic care can help.

Where Sciatica Starts

The sciatic nerve is made up of individual nerve roots that start by branching out from the spine in the lower back and then combine to form the sciatic nerve. Sciatica symptoms occur when the large sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed at or near its point of origin. When something injures or puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, it can cause pain in the lower back that spreads to the hip, buttocks, and leg.

How Sciatica Begins

Several lower back conditions contribute to sciatica. Usually, a lumbar disc herniation pinches your sciatic nerve, causing pain. However, other disorders can also lead to sciatica, including a variety degenerative disc diseases, spinal stenosis and arthritis.

The good news is that chiropractic care can reduce the pain and suffering of sciatic pain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Alleviate Sciatica

Chiropractic Care helps your body unleash its natural healing ability. Conditions that restrict spinal flexibility lead to pain and negatively impact agility and movement. Chiropractic care is a non-surgical way to relieve pain that doesn’t rely on addictive medication.

The type of chiropractic care needed depends on the severity and nature of your sciatica. There are several effective methods used to reduce back pain including ultrasound. Ultrasound uses heat from sound waves to penetrate the soft tissues of your body. Ultrasound promotes circulation and alleviates cramping, swelling and muscle spasms that lead to pain. TENS is another method. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It consists of a battery-powered unit that delivers muscle stimulation to reduce pain.

Spinal manipulation is a safe and pain-free way to reduce sciatic pain. Adjustments made by your chiropractor effectively relieve the nerve irritation that causes sciatica. Relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve alleviates inflammation, spasms and related symptoms, allowing your body to begin the healing process.