Lake Mead Chiropractic in Las Vegas Offers Practical Solutions to Chronic Stress and Tension

Tackling Chronic Stress and Anxiety with Timely and Effective Solutions

Las Vegas, NV – July 28, 2017 – Lake Mead Chiropractic is a reputable and seasoned clinic with a full
range of services. Led by Dr. Mathew K. Mortensen and a highly-dedicated team, the clinic offers
practical solutions for patients dealing with chronic stress and tension. The latter can truly manifest into
all types of pain and discomfort requiring professional chiropractic attention to help get patients back on
the road to health.

While Lake Mead Chiropractic always takes pain seriously, they believe in complete wellness programs
to achieve stress and anxiety reduction. This includes full body examinations and scans, which help
pinpoint and address any neurological or physiological conditions. The clinic also helps patients dealing
with obesity, which is a primary cause of stress-related pain and anxiety problems.

With practical solutions, including weight and stress reduction, Lake Mead Chiropractic is able to help
patients restore proper mental balance and well-being. They also help patients with yoga and stretching
programs, which too can alleviate chronic stress and lack of mental clarity. In a nutshell, the clinic
believes in helping the body physically so it can feel better mentally.

Stress is a leading cause of cardiovascular and other diseases. It can also lead to weight gain and loss,
while having a negative impact on mobility and overall health. With this in mind, Lake Mead doctors are
committed to excellence in helping patients manage their stress levels. From therapeutic massages and
exercise to diet and weight management, patients can learn many different ways to combat chronic
stress while reconnecting their minds, body and spirits.

For more information on chronic stress solutions, simply contact the clinic today or visit their website.

Contact Information:
Lake Mead Chiropractic
8576 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89128


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