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Pinpointing The Cause of Your Back Pain with a Chiropractor in Summerlin-Las Vegas

Pinpointing the cause of your back pain can mean taking a more holistic view of your lifestyle and health conditions. According to the ACA, half of all working Americans complain about some form of back pain. Most of the time,  the cause is not mechanical or non-organic, which is great news, because this means most back pain is not caused by serious health issues like arthritis, infection or fractures. It may be worth exploring whether a chiropractor can help determine the cause of your pain and also help your body recover naturally.

What Causes Back Pain?

Your back is one of the most complex structures in your body. It consists of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments that are tasked to perform every time you move. Sometimes, your back pain is caused by injury to a specific structure. For example, you can sprain ligaments, rupture disks or irritate joints. These are all causes of back pain that can be addressed. Sports injuries, auto accidents and falls can also cause severe back pain. In addition, poor posture, arthritis, obesity and psychological stress can cause or aggravate your back pain.

A chiropractor can help you determine the condition or behavior that is making your back hurt. Listening to the advice of a chiropractor to improve your diet, increase activity and perform specific exercises can lead to you strengthening your back and alleviating pain. Spinal manipulation by a chiropractor is an effective technique to reduce and prevent back pain. It can decrease your reliance on pain medication, increase the efficiency of physical therapy and puts your body back on the road to health and wellness.

Back pain sometimes results from disease of the internal organs. For example, kidney stones and kidney infections, blood clots or bone loss contribute to back pain. Sometimes dealing with your pain takes a team of qualified professionals, including your chiropractor.

Signs You May Be Suffering From Sciatica Pain with a Neuropathy Chiropractor in Las Vegas

If you suffer from sciatica pain, you probably already understand how debilitating it can be. Some experience it infrequently and with less severity. If you are wondering whether your pain symptoms are in fact from sciatica, keep reading to find out more.

Sciatica Nerve Pain

Low back and leg pain are present during sciatica attacks, with the leg pain being the most severe. It has been described as a feeling of electrical shocks running down your leg; a searing, burning pain.

Common Sciatica Symptoms

Typically, sciatica occurs on one side of the body, and pain radiates from the lower back and down the leg. You may experience constant pain one side of the buttock or leg, rarely in both sides. If the pain starts in the low back or buttock and follows the sciatic nerve down to the foot, that is sciatica. The pain sometimes lessens when you lie down or walk and gets worse if you’re standing or sitting down.

The pain has been described as sharp and searing, not dull. If you get a “pins and needles” sensation, numb or weak feeling, or prickling down the leg, that could be sciatica. The pain in the legs makes it difficult to walk or stand.
Pain in the low back does not always present with sciatica, and when it does is less severe than the leg pain.

Symptoms are more intense with sudden moving, like a sneeze or cough and can flare up if you change positions, including sitting down or standing up. When spinal stenosis is the cause, bending backward or walking a short distance can trigger symptoms. Bending the body forward triggers sciatica if you have a herniated lumbar disc.

Peripheral Neuropathy and Your Diet with a Neuropathy Chiropractor in Las Vegas

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition caused by nerve damage in the extremities. It can cause pain and numbness and a variety of other symptoms, like tingling or throbbing in the hands and feet. It also interferes with the brain’s ability to send signals to those regions, which can impact your balance. If you are suffering from this condition, read on to find out how a Neuropathy Chiropractor can help.

Nutrition and Chiropractic Care

A Neuropathy Chiropractor can help you make healthy changes to your diet. He or she can also recommend chiropractic care that will reduce pressure on the nerves triggering the condition.

Getting oxygen and nutrients to impaired nerves is vital to overcoming peripheral neuropathy. You can accomplish this, in part, by eating loads of fruits and vegetables that hold vitamins and antioxidants that can help repair damage nerves. Fortified nerves can battle the free radicals that damage the body’s cells and lead to conditions such as peripheral neuropathy.

Chiropractors are trained to make neck and spinal adjustments that reduce pressure on nerves. By manipulating your neck and spine, a Neuropathy Chiropractor can re-align the vertebrae and loosen trapped or compressed nerve endings which cause the condition.

Whole Body Approach

Chiropractic care is effective in treating peripheral neuropathy because goes to the root of the problem, instead of relying on medication to numb the pain that is your body’s warning system. While a Neuropathy Chiropractor cannot make the problem go away overnight, it is a vital part of the recovery process.

Medications cover up the symptom, but chiropractic care follows a whole body approach. This may involve a diagnostic exam that begins with identifying trigger point and ends with a recommended course of care.


A diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fruits and lean protein keeps your nerves healthy. Vitamin B-12 is especially important. So, if you are a vegetarian and vegan, incorporate fortified cereals or supplements that contain vitamin B-12 in your daily diet.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, you should got 30 minutes to an hour of exercise at least three times a week.

Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy with a Neuropathy Chiropractor in Las Vegas

A Neuropathy Chiropractor can alleviate or eliminate most types of peripheral neuropathy. Instead of immediately settling for a regime of medicine or surgery, give your body the chance to repair itself. Keep reading to find out more about peripheral neuropathy and how chiropractic care can help.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage impacting the hands and feet. Symptoms include tingling, numbness or pain. Most commonly it occurs in the legs. Your limbs may also feel weak, impacting your balance and strength.

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

The first thing a neuropathy chiropractor will do is attempt to determine the root cause of your condition. Peripheral neuropathy has three major causes. It’s inherited, or it develops through disease or injury. Often, doctors are unable to pinpoint a specific cause. However, overall, physical injury is the biggest cause of neuropathy.

Some types of trauma that develop into neuropathy include auto accident injuries, sports injuries and certain surgeries. During these events, nerves are crushed, compressed, or otherwise damaged. At times, the damage is so severe the nerves detach from the spinal cord.

As a result, ligaments, muscles and tendons can become irritated and swollen. This narrows the passageways the nerves pass through. The most common types of neuropathy are ulnar and carpal tunnel, which develop as a result of compressed nerves in your elbow or wrist.

Neuropathy Chiropractic Solutions

After you have answered relevant questions about your personal symptoms, your Neuropathy Chiropractor will probably conduct an exam to try to locate the trigger point of your pain.  During the same session, your chiropractic could opt to make adjustments right away or ask you to make another appointment. Chiropractic care typically includes back or neck adjustments to relieve pressure on the nerves. It can also include nutrition and exercise plans that will aid the healing process.


Peripheral neuropathy often is a chronic condition that comes and goes. It can get progressively worse over years and eventually becoming debilitating. In many case, by working with your Neuropathy chiropractor, you can keep the condition under control or eliminate it for good.

North West Las Vegas Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Safely

Thousands of individuals suffer from back pain on a regular basis. While many will turn to traditional medicine and use pain medication or surgery to attempt to relieve their pain others turn to chiropractic care. In many cases those who see doctors, such as the chiropractor North West Las Vegas area have made the wisest choice.

Pain medication often only serves to dull the ache. The medication is often addictive and does nothing to encourage healing of the injury. In addition, as the body becomes acclimated to the medication the patient may need a stronger dose to find relief from the pain.

Many patients have found that surgery has not produced the results they desired. Instead of improving range of motion, fusing the vertebrae reduces the range of motion even further. In addition, within a few months, the problem that originally existed in the now fused joint has simply moved up or down the spine to the next joint.

Chiropractors offer a natural method of healing that does not require use of pain medications or surgery. In addition, the doctor of chiropractic helps to remove pressure from pinched nerves so that they can heal. When nerves heal, pain goes away. As inflammation is reduced, range of motion is restored.

While chiropractors may use many different natural and non-invasive therapies, the chiropractic adjustment is by far the most common. The doctor uses precise measured forces that are designed to restore balance to the body. As balance is restored, the bones and other structures no longer press on nerves, muscle spasms are reduced, and nerves heal.

A chiropractor North West Las Vegas location provides therapy that can help to reduce back pain. Many patients have found chiropractic care to be a superior and all natural way to deal with back pain. Chiropractors use a holistic approach to health that can help patients live better lives.

Discover how chiropractic care helps relieve chronic back pain naturally, right now. You will also find information about a reputable chiropractor North West Las Vegas at today.